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404–talking over the nation!
July 28, 2007, 12:45 am
Filed under: Fun, writting

George ran through the hall way, “another 404!” he screamed to a security agent as an image file shattered inches from his head.

He took shelter under a large fragment of broken .mov files for a second to take a breath.

Why?” he murmered “Why did they choose the internet?!?”

George is me, and I’m asking what are 404 errors for?

(yes, it was a waste of time to read that last section, lol)


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Um, probably to tell you that the file or page you want doesn’t exist…. It’s better than having it just sit there cranking away and waiting for it to exist….

Comment by WebN8

Oh yeah, your story would be much more realistic if he hides behind a busted .wmv file fragment. Especially since windoze is the one that get’s fragmented hard drives! 😛

Comment by WebN8

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